My recipe for 2n pancakes

I love pancakes for breakfast, and this is how I make them (not exactly American style, but what the heck).

Two pancakes for n persons

Add n eggs + n * 75mL of plain flour + n * 100mL of milk in a mixing bowl. Don’t forget to add n pinches of salt! Mix thoroughly until there are no more lumps remaining in the mixture, I recommend using an immersion blender to make quick work of it. Now apply a bit more than medium heat to heat up a small skillet (about 10″ diameter) and add a lump of butter. Start frying all 2n pancakes when the butter melts and remember to keep adding a bit of butter to the skillet for each new pancake.

Serve the pancakes with a bit of butter on top and add maple syrup liberally. And if you really want a heart attack right away, I suggest adding 3strips of fried bacon too. Bon appétit!


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