Cookie policy nonsense

This site runs WordPress to display pages, and WordPress uses cookies. Additionally, I use several plugins that may also need cookies to work. In my opinion, this whole E.U. cookie law business is complete bosh and nonsense as you can already simply configure any browser to block cookies by default anyway.

It is my own experience that every measure intended to further constrict the free-flow of information on the internet merely increases the chances of the typical internet user encountering sites with malicious code. At the same time, internet users will simply resort to third-party automated cookie accepting plug-ins, because having to interact with a cookie policy pop-up dialog on every single website visited is just the kind of bureaucratic torture that human-rights were invented for.

Meanwhile, E.U. arm-chair internet privacy advocates lean back and pat themselves on the back for deluding themselves into thinking the internet is now safer thanks to GDPR and the ePrivacy directive, while in reality many companies, and even entire university networks, are being hijacked and forced to pay a huge ransoms in some kind of cryptocurrency.

Security and privacy on the internet is not just about having yet another law for something, it’s mostly about education and awareness.

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