Best public toilet near the Acropolis in Athens

If there is one thing I cannot stand, it´s a filthy toilet, in a foul smelling lavatory, with empty soap dispensers. But when I am away from home, and the urge arises to evacuate my faeces, there is often little recourse but to visit a public establishment of some kind, order a coffee and visit their ´facilities´. But if it´s not clean, I can´t go. No way in hell.

Now I am certain that I am not alone in this matter and so I am going to be posting regularly about the number one places for doing your number two. This will be my humble contribution for the benefit of mankind, I urge you to use the information I provide responsibly.

One morning I found myself in serious and urgent need of a clean water closet, whilst on my way to the Acropolis, which I had intended to visit from the first day I arrived in Athens. It was a morning, around 7.45 AM. I was in the embassy neighbourhood, close to the Acropolis museum, and there were some little coffee bars in the area. Avoid these! The first clean looking one I entered had toilet seats that were yellow from urine stains. So I walked on…

As my despair grew, I said out loud ‘I wouldn’t mind paying the entrance fee at the Acropolis museum, if that gets me near a clean toilet.’ And then I thought, why not? So I just decided to wait untill 8 o’clock, when the museum opens, to go there for ‘the movement’. As it turned eight and the museum security opened the gates, I hastened towards the entrance. After entering the museum, I noticed a public toilet in the distance on the left. Realizing I wouldn’t have to buy a ticket to get there, my heart leaped with joy! Owing to the urgency of my condition, the manner in which I made my way to the facilities must have looked like I was taking part in a racewalking event. But I digress.

The toilet had just been cleaned. Flushing is automatic. After flushing, the pleasant aroma of flowers and forest (emanating from an automatic air freshener) greeted my nostrils. The soap dispensers were not empty. The whole lavatory was modern and clean. This is a very acceptable public toilet.

Oh, and the museum it’s attached to is also rather nice 😉


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