The surprising connection between the Greek financial crisis and the availability of D-cup bikinis on Corfu

And now for something completely different. Corfu. Greek pearl in the Ionian sea. But right now, thanks to a relentless heat wave, most pearls on the island are those of sweat. And the sweltering temperatures are causing locals and tourists alike to converge unto the beaches in droves. Among them, my Greek girlfriend.

Her daily trips to the sea made her realize she needed a new bikini. However, having arrived a bit late in the season, she had missed the opportunity to acquire a bikini when the new collection came out. Her choices would be limited, she knew. Still, there seemed to be plenty to pick from. But then she discovered that virtually none of the bikini designs she liked were available in her size—cup D.

This was a bit odd, so she asked the sales woman for an explanation. And the answer she got was pretty amazing. Unbelievably, almost all of the D-cup sized bikinis had already been snatched up by Russian women earlier that season. And while the Greek manufacturer would normally just have increased the production of D-cup bikinis in July, they were not able to do so this year. Why? Because of capital restrictions. As the Greek financial crisis reached a new climax in July, money transfers to foreign banks became impossible and the bikini factory was simply unable to pay its suppliers for the necessary production materials. 

And that is how on Corfu this summer, the Greek financial crisis appears to have ruined the late-season bikini market for all women from Russia… and also for at least one from Greece. 😉

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