The Joy of War

The joy of war? What joy of war? There is no joy to be found in war, never was and never will be. War is ugly,  war is messy, war is hell…but apparently not everyone got the memo on that. Watch the following short video report by CNN:


Wow, some people can sure get mighty happy when an instrument of war delivers its deadly cargo! And isn’t a bit of death and destruction worth a little cheering after all? Especially if not a single innocent bystander was killed or injured by the explosion (because we all know that this never happens, of course) then it’s really okay to have a party like this. And remember the iconic photograph of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (and others) remotely observing the operation during which Osama bin Laden was killed? Weren’t they also high-fiving each other, cheering and wearing party hats?

Oh wait, they weren’t, because guess what: It’s not normal to rejoice in death and it is most definitely not okay to start clapping and cheering about it either!

So, when the above report was finished, the reporter (Diana Magnay) understandably posted the following message on her twitter account:

“Israelis on hill above Sderot cheer as bombs land on #gaza; threaten to ‘destroy our car if I say a word wrong’. Scum.”

Here she expressed a personal opinion about that small group of Israelis who where being uncivilized assholes, on her own personal twitter page. So what do you think happened? For sharing that opinion—which I certainly agree with, if the above video is anything to go by—she was immediately transferred to Moscow. Ridiculous.

Thus, in light of the abominable nature of the response of these Israelis to witnessing the horrible violence of war, I think it is rather fitting to let the following short audio fragment reflect my own personal view about Mrs. Magnay’s right to an opinion off camera and in particular about the twitter message she posted.

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