Gay marriage causes floods, says UK councillor

Every time you have a natural disaster, you always have a few nutty people who claim that the disaster is actually a punishment by God. I usually find that such idiots tend to be confined to more backwards regions of the globe, such as some of the places heavily hit by the 2004 tsunami for example. So it would be a rare occurrence indeed to chance upon such a specimen in the more developed areas of the western hemisphere. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, take David Silvester for example. Mr Silvester, who appears to be some kind of politician in the UK, also appears to be a staunch proponent of the flood myth. He recently made the statement that the recent flooding of a large part of Britain is related to the legalization of gay marriage.

Fascinating theory! While I’m sure the IPCC would be most interested in dedicating a whole chapter of their next assessment report on the effect of homosexuality on global climatic change, Mr Silvester has in the mean time been suspended by his political party. Initially, his political party supported his right to express his opinion. And I agree, expressing your opinion is mostly a good thing. However, a man’s GOT to know his limitations. So to put it into perspective I will conclude this post with a statement from ‘Dirty Harry’, who is most wise in all matters concerning opinions:

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