A review of Tetrapak’s “SlimCap”

I drink milk. Not only that, I drink pasteurized milk. From a carton. And it so happens, that my favorite brand of milk sells its pasteurized milk in containers made by TetraPak. And while TetraPak offers its business customers a wide range of options for opening their packages, it would appear that the dairy farm I buy my milk from has elected to use the worst option on the market today–the “SlimCap”.


The worst opening system on the market today?

The worst opening system on the market today?

The main failing point of the “SlimCap” is pretty much everything about it. The tab is not wide enough for my index finger to fit, so I end up using my pinky finger to pull it open. Besides looking awkward, this is actually also physically quite uncomfortable. I have found that removing the sealing requires the exertion of such an extraordinarily large amount of force, that I feel it is as though I am trying to pull Excalibur out of the stone. And on more than one occasion my brutish use of force even exceeded the tolerance of the material used, causing the tab to cleanly break off—a true “Okay, now what?!” experience.

Of course, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I do reach into my kitchen drawer and find the only opening system that has never failed me: the much acclaimed “Pair-o-Scissors”. As for the “SlimCap”… well, let’s just say that I now take pains to avoid packages that have it.


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